Market /Area Research

London Hospitality Group your one stop solution. 

Market and Area Research is specially designed service by LHG for hospitality sector to help owners of Restaurant , Cafe , Bar, Brewery  etc in deciding best place to open  another branch or franchise operation. In this service we discuss clients project , Food concept and where they are planing  to operate or open another branch. On the basis of detail we get we will do 

  1. Areas research. 

  2. Footfall Research of that area.

  3. Type of cuisine currently being served in that area. 

  4. Type of concepts / Trends.

  5. Spending power of people in the area.

  6. We will also visit restaurant , bar , cafe ,brewery of that area to know how they are functioning and earning per day.

  7. Type of rental agreement in that area.

  8. What kind of concept will work in that area.  In Restaurant Industry its very important to do proper research before you decide to open your Restaurant or Cafe to avoid loss or closure of your restaurant. All our services are custom designed as per client needs to make sure they are getting more then 100% benefit from our service.