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Cyber Security is a vital part of the current technological advancements. Every company needs to be aware about security otherwise they can be hit by cyber-attacks from internal and/or external sources.

We at Cyber LHG treat security with the highest priority and help organizations improve their systems’ security from time to time such that they are protected from various attacks. Our services are not just limited to the casual network vulnerability testing but we perform extensive penetration tests which would help an organization to understand how their systems could be taken over by a hacker. We would demonstrate several ways in which their systems can be compromised and how they should improve.

We at LHG provide the following services: - 

Vulnerability Assessment and PenetrationTesting :– Commonly known as VAPT. VAPT is a vital part of system testing where our expert level consultants would test your web applications, mobile applications, internal network systems, external network systems and Internet of Things devices.

We would not only provide you with the vulnerabilities but also demonstrate how an attacker can exploit it to gain certain privileges on the vulnerable system and then can further leverage it to compromise other systems in the network. We would also provide the best remediation measures in the industry.

Digital forensics :–In todays Tech world with new vulnerabilities being discovered each day it is not feasible to perform VAPT on a daily basis but we would prefer a quarterly basis. An attacker may exploit a recently discovered vulnerability, in such cases we also provide digital forensic where we would perform tests on the compromised system(s) and would prepare a detailed report of how the attack was constructed and also get the source of the attack for our clients.

Social engineering:– Along with the security of the systems, employees also need to be aware about various risks. Attackers are extensively using social engineering attacks such that they can compromise low level to high level employees and further leverage them to take control of the whole network. 

We provide our clients with the best social engineering attack practices so that they can perform a social attack on their employees and find out the security awareness of their employees, not just limiting to this but we would also help our clients train their employees to prevent these attacks.

Firewall audit:–  Firewall is an important part of the internal network which helps filter all the traffic to and from the internal network. We would help our clients to audit their firewall configuration which would suit their business requirements and also prevent them from external and internal attacks

LTS has collaborated with London  , India , Europe based Talent for Cyber Security .

Upcoming Cyber Security Projects:-

1- Cloud Security - We are trying to enter into cloud Security asap because now companies are moving cloud based services than server based services and R& D is in process for this.


2- Ransomware Protection / Malware analysis - We are doing R & D  to provide malware analysis  and ransomware protection to client since hackers are now targeting companies with new publicly disclosed exploits and using them to create their own malware.

We are doing aggressive R & D to develop our cyber security services for both internal and external cyber security services.


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