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Our Services

Mystery Gap Audit

Mystery Gap Audit is tailor made quality assurance audit for hospitality industry and can be extended fo banking , Airline as well

Market & Area Research

Market and Area Research is specially designed service by LHG for hospitality sector.

Growth Hack

Growth Hack is specially designed service for startups , struggling hospitality operation companies  like Restaurant , Cafe ,Brewery group 

Business Advisor  / Manager is specially designed service to give your idea and Business an edge of growth and success.

Business Advisor/Manager

Pre Invest Audit

Hospitality Industry worth Multi Billion dollar and everyone ranging from Hollywood stars to  Investors wants to invest in this Sector.

Lab Based Audits

London Hospitality Group is in a process to buy portable  lab kits to raise our audit standards. Not all companies are providing lab reports with bar , back of the house , kitchen audits

Website Designing

Let LHG design top quality website for you at best rates with 24/7 support.

Are you worried about your Restaurant , Cafe , Bar , Brewery etc  getting lot complaints , bad reviews , less footfall , less revenue.

Business Review

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is vital part of current tech advancement and we at LTS provide different type of services within cyber security to help improve clients system security time to time.

Social Media Boost

London Hospitality Group can boost your Profile across all social media platforms.

About Us

LHG offers wide variety of services in Hospitality sector ,Cyber Security , App Development, Website Development, Audits, Restaurant Consultancy ,Business consultancy to variety of organizations in Restaurant, Hospitality Industry,Startups,Companies using Technology, Airlines, Banks,Entrepreneurs. Our Services are designed and sometime redesigned to satisfy all client needs.With International reach  we gets opportunity to network and cater wide range of projects. We are expert in Hospitality solutions  , Startup Solutions and have well established networks of Tops chefs , Mixologist , Interior Designers and experts in London

We are launching another  startup London Tech Solutions for Tech and Business solutions where we will be providing Cyber Security , App and web development, Business , startup Solutions and much more. Aim for LTS is to focus on tech only services.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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